Opal Oval Ring

Opal Oval Ring


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The Opal Oval Ring will give your hand an undeniable glitzy princess touch that is sure to impress! A dazzling, milky gemstone is framed inside beautiful engravings reminiscent of hearts and crowns; how more princess-like can anyone get?

The Opal Oval Ring is perfect for every glam outfit you might consider putting together, and can accompany “formal” and playful dresses with equal success. This royal-looking ring can also be worn on top of gloves for a retro-chic look of elegance. Its sparkly nature means it will grab attention on the dance floor, making it also ideal for wild glam nights out! Worn on a date, use it with a sparkly (but not overwhelmingly so) necklace and night make up to inspire awe and elegance with your every move.

Size: 8( adjustable)

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