Modern Princess Crown Ring

Modern Princess Crown Ring


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SKU: 4000-29

It’s a crown!

It’s a ring!

No, it’s a crown-ring fit for modern royalty; the Modern Princess Crown Ring!

This uniquely elegant jewel will bedazzle everyone with its sheer glitziness and princess-like charm. A golden crown, adorned with numerous sparkly stones make up this beautiful ring and you can crown yourself each morning with it, like any true princess should.

This ultra-glitzy ring goes amazingly well with all glam outfits and is posh enough to be worn by itself with any formal night attires. You simply cannot go wrong with this double symbol of royalty, guys will be charmed and amused at your style and wit, as you proudly flash this awesome jewel around. Best worn without other rings in one hand, so the royal crown stands out and is not in the same crowd as “common” jewels; hail to the queen baby!

Size: 6

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