Knuckle Hearts Ring

Knuckle Hearts


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Knuckle rings are the perfect over-the-top fashion statement for girls who want their hands to really be adored and what better way to demand adoration than with a fistful of hearts? The Knuckle Hearts knuckle ring consists of two rings conjoined with a bunch of sleek metallic hearts pointing love outwards from your fists.

The rings are adjustable so they can be worn comfortably on every finger and the impact from wearing the Knuckle Hearts will be profound as people will stop to admire the streak of hearts that runs across your hand. The Knuckle Hearts knuckle ring is best worn with edgy, even revealing outfits and no other rings on that hand and can also be worn with much success by daring girls on casual dates or when out flirting.

Size: 8; 9 (adjustable)

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