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Review: Silver Lining Metal Works

If you’re looking for handmade, customized jewelries, then you’re in luck! Silver Lining Metal is a company that handcrafts precious metal into jewelries. From raw resources into your ideal accessory, they can make it for you!

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Review: We Rebel Accessories

I recently had an opportunity to work with the We Rebel team. I absolutely love all their products because it definitely reflects my style — a mix of edgy, girly and casual. They sent me two sets of earrings and necklaces and when I first saw it, I just fell in love. The quality is impressive and is completely affordable.

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Make-Up Make-Over: Top 7 Make-Up Tips For That Youthful Glow!

Make-up, in its truest sense, should hide your imperfections, highlight your best features and generally make you glow. However, in a contemporary society where cosmetics are slowly being seen as an integral part of a stylish wardrobe, many young women suffer the wrath of incorrect, often inappropriate, make-up looks. As a result, they appear older – which should not be so – unless they have other objectives in mind!

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Review: Miriam Salat

A few weeks ago, we were introduced to Miriam Salat–a designer jewelry line that reflects timeless pieces with modern designs.

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Make Up Tutorial: How to Do the Perfect Cat Eye

For most women, makeup is an essential part of the whole style package. In fact, a sizeable portion of the shopping budget often goes to cosmetics – no wonder there are tons of products in the market! From foundations and primers to lip glosses and mascaras, new tools of the beauty trade just seem to keep on coming.

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Review: LycheeLux

A few weeks ago, we were lucky enough to partner up with Paris, the founder and brains behind LycheeLux. LycheeLux is an online boutique dedicated for women with the love for fashion. All of the pieces are made to incorporate today’s trends such as the transparent accessories, neon accents, and more!

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Trend Focus: Monochromatic Black & White (Spring 2013)

While it’s true that the spring and summer months always inspire a bright fashion palette like that much-awaited majestic burst of sunshine, there’s also the flip side of the coin where, even the most stylish women, find their true selves in monochromatic black and white tones. And it makes perfect sense, after all. To stand out in a sea of vibrant colors, the monochrome always does the trick. A streamlined, minimalist look that highlights two contrasting and yet harmonious colors, the black and white color combo never fails to leave a trail of elegance. One of the strongest trends for spring this year is exactly this – monochromatic black and white.

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Review: Miss Cinderella

We were fortunate enough to have the Miss Cinderella team send us a few products to review. They sent us two of their most popular products–and now I know why!

Miss Cinderella provides a wide variety of quality yet affordable products. Their products range from phone accessories to fashion accessories. Their motto Because every girl’s a princess definitely reflects with their products.

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Spring Lipsticks 2013

Totally bored with your pink and red lipsticks? Well, you can breathe a sigh of relief because this spring season has certainly gone bold. Yes, it’s time to welcome the beginning of the warm season with a hint of bright colors.


Fashionistas know that looking stylish is more than just the clothes you wear. It’s all in the details – which includes the makeup. And if you ask any woman what they can’t live without, many of them will definitely tell you that their lipstick is an important weapon in their fashion arsenal.

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Dress to Impress: What to Wear for a Job Interview

Remember to dress for success! This adage is never truer when you’re heading to a job interview. It may seem a bit trivial but it’s actually quite true – a potential employer’s very first assessment of you will be based on how well you look rather than on what’s listed in your resume.

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