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First Date Ideas

First dates are crucial and very important to many as it symbolizes the steppingstone in a potential relationship. First dates usually occur after you have that mutual interest with each other and have decided to see each other again in a more eventful and formal (or informal) way.

Here are some first date (or even your nth dates) ideas.


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First dates can be very nerve-wracking… especially with someone you don’t know quite well. Everything counts as of the first date—if you smiled creepily, if you keep shaking your legs, if you burp after every sip of Coke, what you order, who offered to pay, and the list goes on. Making an impression is essential for a first date, but that’s not everything.

1. Dinner

It’s usually cliché if you bring someone to dinner for a first date. Everyone’s doing it! But if you are more of the indoor type, then this would work for you. Having to decide on the place is harder than actually having dinner with your date. An important tip for this is to find out the genre of food your date really likes. It can be by dropping hints and just talking about your favorite hangout places with them before your date.

2. Walk in a park / stroll on the beach

If you’re a hopeless romantic, then this stroll at a park or beach is when you’ll get goose bumps. During the first date stage, you’ll want to know each other more in a deeper and more sensible way. It’s all about trading information! Strolling down the park or beach when it’s a bit cold can be romantic, especially when it’s quiet. You’ll hear each other better and there will be no distractions to sidetrack your conversation.

3. Outdoor activities on a sunny afternoon

Maybe both of you are more of the athletic type. Working out together or playing sports on a sunny afternoon is definitely a fun idea. You can be roller-skating in the park, playing volleyball at the beach, or playing basketball at a local court. If you’re not as good as your date, then this will show if your date would actually teach you how and if he will have patience in doing so!

4. Picnic

If weather permits, go on a picnic date! Having a reason to sit on the grass is a good enough reason to go on with this idea. A great idea to prepare this is by collaborating with each other. This will help strengthen your communication skills and at the same time help you get to know each other’s likes and dislikes. You can segregate the list and have a certain dish that you’re responsible of making. After your picnic lunch, it would be a good idea to fly kites, or even play Frisbee to enjoy each other’s company.

5. Amusement Park

Amusement parks can be quite stressful sometimes. If one is not up to going for crazy rides, then you can change this to arcades. However, if both of you are well equipped for this, then this will definitely test patience and good sportsmanship. A lot of teasing will happen if you end up with a funny snapshot at the end of a roller coaster ride and don’t worry, it’s kind of cute if you’re not as photogenic… well, only in this case! Amusement parks are also perfect for dates because most rides are for two. This is the time to hold hands when one is scared of the ride. This idea will also make your first date very memorable, as your date would definitely want to win you a gigantic stuffed toy as a remembrance.



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49% of singles, who fell in love with someone they did not initially find attractive, fell in love after becoming best friends. Love is a funny thing and you’ll just never get it. Maybe you’d think that because you’ve known each other for so long, that you know each other very well—this can be even harder for best friends.

1. Movie

Since you and your date would most probably like the same genres (considering you’re best friends and been doing this for some time), this would be the easy way out. Also, because of your history together, this is a good baby step to not make it as awkward having to just start dating. Having an old routine implemented to a new relationship will ease out the awkward holding hands and will make the date sweeter and more memorable.

2. Arcades

Everyone loves a simple competition. It’s also cute to fight over who wins in that basketball hoop arcade game. Your competitive personality will definitely show! I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, but having to be okay with winning or losing shows a lot of humility. In a relationship, a lot of compromising is key and it will definitely help you go far.

3. Concerts

If you know your date too well, bring him to his favorite band concert! This may take luck since the tour dates are usually random. However, going to that concert hall is definitely adventurous and this tests your teamwork because one needs to be the navigator. But if all else fails, you can give him a concert of his own while singing his favorite songs to him!

4. At-home date

Nothing beats a date at home. Here, you can both be yourselves without humiliating yourselves to the public. This is the perfect cozy time with your date. You can cook something special, maybe a signature dish to make your date drool over you. After your dinner, you can plan to watch a movie on Netflix and snuggle with popcorn or ice cream.

5. Sports Game tickets

Usually when you think of first dates, guys tend to give in to their interests to please the girl they want to impress. If you’re a woman of power, why not do this to your man instead? Surprise them by planning a date for them. Since you were friends from before, there’s nothing wrong with planning a date for your man. By then, you’d even know who they’re rooting for and makes everything really easy for you. Then after the game, if you wanted some memorabilia, buy a souvenir from the gift shop!


So whether you’re on a first date with a stranger or a best friend, just be who you are because knowing and loving yourself first will make your date love you too.

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