Closet Confidential: Regina Blanchard {designer, Skyla Rose}

In this week’s closet confidential, you’ll be able to meet the designer of Skyla Rose–Regina. Skyla Rose Jewelries is a homemade jewelry store that focuses on quality and timeless pieces. All of their jewelries are handcrafted to perfection by the lovely Regina. She’s the living example of the saying, “Do what you love and love what you do!”

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Luxe Box: Steven and Chris Spring 2013

Hi Beauty Readers,

I received my Luxe Box in the mail last week but never gotten the chance to actually un-box it. So here it goes!

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Review: Motel JAdore Print High Waist Zip Knicker Shorts

Haul:  Motel JAdore Print High Waist Zip Knicker Shorts Recently, I’ve been on a spring mission: to find the perfect spring-summer shorts. I’ve stumbled upon the Motel JAdore Print High Waist Zip Knicker Shorts from Asos. It definitely caught my eye because of its unique design (and not to mention the sale price). I’ve heard many things about the Motel brand and how well-made their products are–this is going to put the hearsay to the test.

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DIY Sparkling Drink

It’s one of those days when I just feel like I’m in between weathers! According to the calendar, it’s officially springtime… Canadian weather begs to differ! It’s still snowing like there’s no tomorrow on the land of Eskimos and because I rather enjoy my spring, I’ve decided to make myself a simple sparkling drink of my choice.

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Will you Go Out With me?

First Date Ideas

First dates are crucial and very important to many as it symbolizes the steppingstone in a potential relationship. First dates usually occur after you have that mutual interest with each other and have decided to see each other again in a more eventful and formal (or informal) way.

Here are some first date (or even your nth dates) ideas.

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Hazelnut-Almond Dacquoise

A few months ago I took up baking. It started with crazily decorated cupcakes and has progressed to more sophisticated desserts. This weekend I tried my hand at a hazelnut-almond dacquoise from the Flour Bakery cookbook. It took a decent amount of prep time, but when all was said and done I was very pleased with the final product!










balsamic goat cheese pita

Balsamic Goat Cheese Pita

Lately, I’ve been in a slump and can’t make up my mind in the kitchen. This isn’t usually a problem for me since I love food and it’s usually all that I can think about, but I have finally grown tired of my tried and true recipes (eggplant, chicken curry, marsala, anything Trader Joes). This quick and easy recipe was one of my mom’s creations when I was a kid. I have added a few extra ingredients to include 2 of my favorite things-goat cheese and balsamic. I made it this weekend for dinner and my boyfriend seemed to love it too!


  • [listitems is_numeric="no"]
    • pita bread
    • roasted garlic hummus
    • mixed greens
    • cooked beets
    • chicken (I used the balsamic precooked chicken from Trader Joes)
    • crumbled goat cheese (also Trader Joes)
    • balsamic or raspberry vinaigrette
    • walnuts[/listitems]

Cut a pita bread in half and spread hummus in the pocket. In a large bowl mix all of the ingredients including the dressing. Stuff the pita, wrap in aluminum foil and ENJOY!