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Scarf season is finally here! I collaborated with the company, SummerTies, in celebrating this season. They specialize more with summery themed scarves but the pattern is still fall appropriate depending on how you style them. Scarves to me can be a challenge because I tend to find ways to change up how I wear them. Scarves has multipurpose and I’m sure if you google it you’ll find a million ways on how to use it.


One of my go-to scarf looks is the simple wrap around (shown in the pictures below). The main reason is that it’s very chic and simple to do. If you’re in a rush, loop it around your neck and it will add oomph to your entire look.


I absolutely love the seahorse scarf pink mainly because you would rarely see blue and pink incorporated into one design. I love the vibrant color it has and it’s definitely an outfit booster. I tend to stick with dull, neutral colors for fall and this is the perfect enhancement for my outfit.



Another is the Multi-Creature Scarf. This has a more subtle color combination compared to the seahorse scarf. I love the pattern of this scarf! If you notice in the picture, even if it has a less vibrant color combination, it still has sheen to it because of the material used to create these scarves. The material is 100% silk and is perfect so you can have that sleek effect that most scarves don’t have.


The other three are pocket squares or some may call accessory sash. It has smaller dimensions obviously and you can use this for pocket squares, handbag accessories, bandanas, neck wraps, head wraps and more. I mainly like to use these for accessorizing a monotone purse or handbag to make it more eye-catching. Others might wrap it around their neck (visualize a stewardess or a woman in the 70s) to achieve that vintage and retro look.


Octopus Pocket Square
Skunk Pocket Square
Anchor Pocket Square


Here is also an outfit of the day using the Anchor Pocket Square –

Shoes | G.H. Bass Top | Aritzia Shorts | Garage Bag | Marshalls Scarf | SummerTies Necklace | Ohmyfashh!
Shoes | G.H. Bass
Top | Aritzia
Shorts | Garage
Bag | Marshalls
Scarf | SummerTies
Necklace | Ohmyfashh!


Make sure to check SummerTies out!

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