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REVIEW: Conkissta

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working with the lovely Vanessa, founder of Conkissta. Conkissta specializes in one-of-a-kind hand woven Mochilas (first recognized in Columbia). Their passion to create unique pieces definitely shows with the precise detailing of their designs. I’ve asked Vanessa some questions — personal or business — that may intrigue your interest.

Tell me more about yourself.
I was born in Colombia and moved to South Carolina at age nine. I always dreamed of living in the Big Apple and after college I pursued my dream by getting a job in Finance in New York City where I currently live. At the moment I work in Corporate Finance and love my job and during my free time I get to explore my creative side with Conkissta. I love the essence of The Mochila and the playful colors of the bags, there is one for every woman and best of all they are unique and one of a kind so you can truly feel unique.
How did you get started with your brand, “Conkissta”? Where did the brand name come from?
Conkissta was born from the desire to share beautiful and authentic designs from my country, Colombia. I also wanted to do something that would be socially responsible.  Supporting the Wayuu is very important to me and buying directly from them helps keep their art alive and gives me the opportunity to spread their inspiration and heritage with the world. The Mochila is a true work of art that the Wayuu have perfected and has become part of Colombia’s identity.
Who is your fashion inspiration?
My fashion inspiration is Michael Kors. He knows what women want and he delivers every time. The way he has grown his brand worldwide and the accessibility and affordability to women of all backgrounds is very inspirational. I would love to partner up with him one day for a resort collection, that would be a dream come true!
What do you think is the next big thing?
I hope the next big thing is The Mochila! These bags are truly beautiful and I would love to see them worn worldwide. Big cities like New York often lack color as people gravitate towards more neutral tones, Conkissta Mochilas would add a splash of color to cities all over the world.


After wearing my Mochila to school, I’ve received many compliments about the bag. The material is very high quality and is very durable. It is made with extra care and you can definitely see it with how the bag is produced. The straps are wide enough so that it doesn’t fall off your shoulders as well as it can support the weight of your items very well. Not only is the material well made, the design is adorable! It is easy to pair it up with some of my outfits especially this coming fall.

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