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Review: Albachiara Guindani

A few weeks ago, I had an amazing opportunity to work with Albachiara Guindani, designer of Les Pendentifs from Les Pendentifs is the brand new line of accessories by Albachiara Guindani, an emerging Italian fashion designer. Les Pendentifs are available in ten different colours with a lot of natural stone charms. You can create your personal Pendentif style combining your preferred colour with the charms you like most and match it with your outfit.

Her designs are a mix between classy and modern and reminds me of a revolutionized pandora bracelet. The concept of the design is the same but her design is more trendy and more fun to accessorize. You can also add charms and customize your bracelet to your own personal style. I enjoyed collaborating this bracelet to my outfit because it gives my outfit an amazing contrast of colors. They have a wide variety of colors and options and you will not be disappointed. The quality of the bracelet is amazing. For the price of $29, you get a bracelet of your choice, one big stone and two small stones — such a deal! I really recommend this bracelet if you’re looking for a more chunky and statement bracelet. This can be worn as a stand alone or stacked with a watch and other bracelets.

If interested, click here to place your order.

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