I’m a 90s girl! (well, I was born in that decade ;D) To be honest, when I see the current fashion and trends in magazines, stores and other social medium, I don’t recall seeing it when I was younger. Perhaps I was too young to remember or be observant to the least. Right now, I am loving the 90s trend such as the “mom jeans”, crop tops, daisy prints, maxi or midi dresses and skirts and so much more. I’ve been watching the original, Beverly Hills 90210 to get inspiration on how people dressed back in the days in comparison to today’s fashion. I didn’t realize that people do show off their bellies in the 90s and is accepted by the society. I thought it would still be conservative as in the previous decades.

Mom jeans
Mom jeans, Ribbon
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Fall/Winter 2013 Fashion Outfits

November 3, 2013 | Trend: Black boots / booties


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Review: Albachiara Guindani

A few weeks ago, I had an amazing opportunity to work with Albachiara Guindani, designer of Les Pendentifs from Les Pendentifs is the brand new line of accessories by Albachiara Guindani, an emerging Italian fashion designer. Les Pendentifs are available in ten different colours with a lot of natural stone charms. You can create your personal Pendentif style combining your preferred colour with the charms you like most and match it with your outfit.

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Review | SummerTies

Scarf season is finally here! I collaborated with the company, SummerTies, in celebrating this season. They specialize more with summery themed scarves but the pattern is still fall appropriate depending on how you style them. Scarves to me can be a challenge because I tend to find ways to change up how I wear them. Scarves has multipurpose and I’m sure if you google it you’ll find a million ways on how to use it.

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Top Ten Emmy 2013 Dresses

Last night’s Emmy Awards were spectacular and extravagant. You would see that all celebrities bring out their best looks for the event. Here are our top looks for this year’s Emmy Awards.

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Style Facts: Fashion in the 70’s

Every now and then, bits of style from a long gone era reappear in contemporary fashion. Distinctive details that echo previous designs emerge in various reinvented cuts. In this blog, we pay homage to the influential 1970’s, when men weren’t cool enough if they didn’t have their bell bottoms on! Every self-confessed fashionista should have good knowledge on past fashion trends – after all, everything modern and genuine always carry with them a part of the past.

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091413 | World Vision

On September 13-14, 2013, Ohmyfashh! will be taking part of a global movement to help reduce poverty and increase social justice. We will be depriving ourselves of something that is important to each of us for 30 hours.

We are supporting World Vision, a Christian relief, development and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, families and communities to overcome poverty and injustice.

We are going to be involved in two ways:

1. Taking part of the 30-hour famine.

2. From now until September 12, we will donate 15% of all sales to support World Vision and to help those families in need.

Please help us support and give back to those who need it more. If you’d like to learn more about World Vision and what they do, visit their website.

Thank you so much for your love and support. We, as a whole, can make a difference.


Ohmyfashh! x Closet Vanity


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REVIEW: Conkissta

For the past few weeks, I’ve been working with the lovely Vanessa, founder of Conkissta. Conkissta specializes in one-of-a-kind hand woven Mochilas (first recognized in Columbia). Their passion to create unique pieces definitely shows with the precise detailing of their designs. I’ve asked Vanessa some questions — personal or business — that may intrigue your interest.

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Dressing Up For a Fashion Interview

Even the most stylish fresh graduate will have qualms during her first fashion interview! Just like in any other job interview, the job seeker’s desire to make an impression is almost palpable. Your potential employer actually expects this mindset but unless you are fully prepared to blow the interviewing Senior Editor’s mind away, leaving a lasting impression can be quite tough. In other words, an interviewer who’s been through hundreds of job applicants over the years will be rather hard to impress.

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Review: Hespera Jewelry Co.

Summer is all about fresh stones and jewel tone colors. Hespera Jewelry Co. is one of my favorites when it comes to summer fashion. They provide semi-precious stone statement jewelries and their designs are absolutely flawless. They mix classic pieces with modern designs to add that evolving yet timeless touch to their jewelries.

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